It’s Official: Sol Cuisine Participates in the Non-GMO Project

For Immediate Release:

January 20, 2010

TORONTO, ON: Sol Cuisine, a leading Canadian based vegetarian foods manufacturer is pleased to announce its official participation in the NON-GMO Project. Participation in the independent third party verification program is designed to assess compliance with specific standards, requiring traceability, segregation and testing at critical control points, offering consumers an informed choice for GMO avoidance.

“Public opinion polls indicate that a large majority of Canadians are concerned about genetically modified material in their food and want mandatory labeling to alert them to its presence,” said Dror Balshine, President, Sol Cuisine. “While our retail products have always been non-GMO, this additional label will now reflect our participation in the NON-GMO Project and our commitment to our consumers. They can now shop with the added comfort of knowing that our soy products have been verified compliant with the Non-GMO Project’s rigorous standard.”

Genetically modified organisms are organisms that have been created using gene-splicing techniques that typically merge DNA from different species, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or traditional crossbreeding. The NON-GMO Project is a not-for-profit organization offering North America’s only independent verification program.

“Our decision to participate in the Project came from our desire to partner with like-minded, progressive companies. Together we work to meet our customers’ demands and ensure a continued supply of ingredients in their natural state,” said Balshine. “By participating in the NON-GMO Project, Sol Cuisine continues to support local growers as well as respond to the needs of consumers who wish to know the source of their food.”

About Sol Cuisine:

A natural source for healthy, delicious, vegetarian foods since 1980, Sol Cuisine focuses on organic, kosher, Halal, wheat-free, gluten-free soy protein products including, tofu, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, falafel, veggie ground, dairy-free soy yogurt and more.



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