Hiland Naturals Becomes Largest National Distributor of Non-GMO Project Verified Animal Feed

Hiland Naturals

Hiland Naturals is proud to announce its line of non-GMO Animal feeds is now Non-GMO Project Verified.  Hiland offers a full complement of livestock feeds including feeds for chickens, pigs, horses, cattle, and more. Catering to everyone from backyard chicken aficionados and small farmers to large animal operations needing multiple tons of feed each month, Hiland provides Non-GMO Project Verified feed to fit the need.

When the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a branch of the USDA, approved the Non-GMO Project Verification to be used on meat and egg products, verified animal feed become even more important. Meat and egg products require testing the source of animal feed, and Hiland’s verified products have already taken this step.

Hiland strongly believes better feed produces better animals, which in turn produces healthier humans!  Our non-GMO, non-soy and organic feeds are designed to provide the highest quality, all natural, non-GMO nutrients to animals.  This focus on quality has led to us becoming the largest distributor of Non-GMO Project Verified feed in the nation!

Hiland Naturals is also committed to sustainable food security.  According to the United Nations, the world will need to double its food production just to stay at current levels in the next 50 years. With hunger still being a problem at current levels, Hiland believes an improvement is desperately needed. To that charge, Hiland supports actions like backyard farming, sustainable living, and helping consumers understand where their food comes from by providing company transparency. Like their consumers, the employees of Hiland are dedicated to being better, more responsible stewards to sustainable world food supply.

For questions about Hiland Naturals feed, to place an order, or for more information, visit http://hilandnaturals.com.