Happy Earth Day!

From the greenhouse to the chicken coop to the pantry, get tips and inspiration for your own non-GMO commitment.

While I certainly agree that “every day is Earth Day,” I also never turn down a chance to celebrate something good. Earth Day is a perfect time to pause and reflect on everything we’re already doing to support a sustainable Earth, and to deepen our commitments to protecting our one and only beautiful planet.

One of the most personal and direct things we can each do to preserve a healthy Earth for future generations is to choose an organic, non-GMO diet. That’s why we created the Non-GMO Challenge for Earth Month. Since the beginning of April, thousands of people have completed a Non-GMO Challenge activation on our website, and we’ve reached nearly half a million people via our social media networks with tips and encouragement for going non-GMO.

Inspired by the occasion, I created a video blog to share some of the things my husband Noah and I do to live a non-GMO lifestyle on our 5-acre homestead in Bellingham, WA. We are blessed to live close to the Earth, with rich soil, abundant wildlife, a beautiful garden and a precious collection of pets to remind us of what’s at stake, and how important it is to be good stewards of the land.

Click here to watch Megan’s Earth Day video blog. (Hint: you don’t want to miss the footage of our 3-day old chicks!)

Wherever you are on the planet and on your personal path, I hope that this day offers at least a moment to breathe deep and appreciate some of the sweet magic of springtime. As you reflect on the honor and the responsibility of taking care of our incredible Earth, remember that our personal actions DO make a profound difference.

–Megan Westgate
Executive Director, Non-GMO Project