GHT Companies’ Vegan Vitamin D3 Supplement Earns Non-GMO Project Verification

GHT-Logo_webThe GHT Companies’ supplement, Vegan Vitamin D3, has been awarded Non-GMO Project Verification by leading non-profit organization The Non-GMO Project.

VISTA, Calif. – (Date) — A unique vegan Vitamin D3 supplement, exclusively manufactured and distributed in the United States by The GHT Companies, has been granted Non-GMO Project Vertification.

The award verifies the non-GMO status of the D3 product and gives GHT the right to use the iconic butterfly label issued by the Non-GMO Project, a highly-regarded non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply.

Vegan Vitamin D3, which is derived from lichen, is the only source of vitamin D3 that uses absolutely no animal products. Previously, as the common source of D3 is lanolin extracted from sheep’s wool grease, vegans would have had to settle for vitamin D2, the less-effective ergocalciferol form.

Several studies suggest that vitamin D3 is 70 to 87 percent more potent than vitamin D2 and easier for the body to absorb. Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of vitamin D and studies have revealed that people with a deficiency are much more likely to suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The GHT Companies, of Vista, Calif., not only holds the exclusive North American rights to the vegan vitamin D3 product line but also has exclusive rights for Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It manufactures Private Label product lines using the unique vitamin D3 through its globally-recognized, wholly-owned subsidiary, Health Specialties Manufacturing, Inc.

Under its own Vibrant Nutraceuticals brand, itsupplies 1000IU and 5000IU softgel capsules of Vegan Vitamin D3. It also makes a 200IU vitamin D3 spray for kids in a mild orange fruit flavor and a flavorless 400IU version for adults.

The GHT Companies’ president and CEO, Jim Rex, said, “We are delighted to have received Non-GMO Product Verification. It is yet another validation of the superior nature of Vegan Vitamin D3 and GHT’s commitment to introduce revolutionary products into both the US and international markets. Vegans are exceptionally health-conscious consumers and want the best and most effective source of vitamin D that does not conflict with their ethics. I’m extremely pleased to say that there has been wonderfully positive feedback to a genuine plant-based source of vitamin D3.”

About The GHT Companies

The GHTCompanies have been one of the most trusted names in the nutritional supplement field since 1996. The group is structured to collaborate with founding scientists to develop their unique ingredient and product discoveries and to deliver industry-leading, high quality consumer products on a global basis. GHT’s core purpose is: “Translating Scientific Discovery into Business Enterprise.”

Global Health Trax (“Global”) offers a select and exclusive array of digestive supplement products which it sells globally to retail centers and direct-to-consumers, through wholesale distributors and outside sales agents. Global also offers worldwide order fulfillment services to customers, which includes warehousing, a controlled area for high value merchandise, real-time camera secured facility, inventory control, packaging, shipping and supportive reporting.

Health Specialties Manufacturing (“HSM”) offers powder and liquid formulation, manufacturing and production services for private label lines and contract manufacturing to the global nutritional supplement industry. Full in-house capabilities are supported by multiple production lines, a science team and a dedicated quality control team. HSM is an FDA regulated/registered facility that is cGMP certified, as well as Sport certified. Through its exclusive collaborative partnerships with founding scientists, HSM provides distribution of select raw ingredients.

Vibrant Nutraceuticals (“Vibrant”) acquired the rights to a unique and diversified array of high quality nutritional supplements which it markets globally. These products address the needs of varying health sectors including Vegan and Vegetarian, Children, Immunity, and Basic Daily Health. A primary objective of Vibrant is focused on delivering these high quality products at affordable prices throughout the world.

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