From Seattle to Chicago, and in Cyberspace, The Non-GMO Project is Making an Impact

June 09 Graphic

Project Excutive Director Megan Thompson with Board President Michael Funk (of UNFI) at The Organic Summit, and with Board Member Joe Dickson (of Whole Foods) at All Things Organic

It’s been a busy season for the Non-GMO Project! Since a jam-packed meeting schedule and presentation at Expo West we have visited with retailers in Austin, San Antonio, Seattle, and Portland, hosted a Round Table at the Organic Summit in Stevenson, WA and participated in a panel at the All Things Organic Conference in Chicago. Moving into summer, the pace shows no sign of slowing, but we aren’t complaining!

It’s exciting to see awareness growing not only within the organic and natural products industry, but also among consumers. For over two years, we have been working diligently to find creative solutions to the challenges posed by GMO contamination. Our focus has been the creation of an industry-wide collaboration within which we have created North America’s first consensus-based non-GMO Standard, as well as an innovative Product Verification Program to assess compliance with the Standard. All this hard work is paying off, and a “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal will start appearing on retail products this fall. For the first time, the North American public will have access to an informed choice about consuming GMOs. This was the vision of the founding retailers of the Non-GMO Project, and it has taken a tremendous amount of dedication to get us to this point. We’re now ready to start spreading the word, and early response has been quite encouraging!

A Non-GMO Project Facebook page has created a platform for some of our initial outreach. Membership has more than tripled in the last week, with over 1300 fans now tracking our progress, and we expect that fan base to keep growing exponentially as people reach out to their friends about the exciting work of the Project. With the launch of our new website on June 22nd, we are starting a Consumer Pledge campaign, and we are also moving into a phase of renewed connection with our retailer base with the creation of a Supporting Retailer Program.

The success of the Non-GMO Project is a heartening example of what is possible with enough determination and collaborative spirit. Together we can ensure that North Americans have non-GMO choices, now and long into the future. We’re grateful to you for doing whatever you can to help support this undertaking, and we look forward to sharing more good news as the summer progresses.

(Posted by Megan Thompson, Non-GMO Project Executive Director and passionately conscious eater)