Find Non-GMO Project Story on Guayaki “Pure Mind” and win a Gourd Gift Pack!

As the Non-GMO Project moves into a stage of active public outreach and education, we’re excited by the support of companies like Guayaki, who are doing everything they can to help spread awareness about GMOs and the Non-GMO Project, including on-label promotion with their best-selling “Pure Mind” bottled mate.

The label pictured above is just starting to appear in stores. We had our first spotting at Mother’s Market in Anaheim, CA last week and are excited to find out FROM YOU where else it is showing up!

Keep an eye out for the Non-GMO Project logo and story on the “Pure Mind” bottle. When you see it, send us a picture of you and the bottle, along with the details on where and when you found it. Pictures and info should be sent to outreach-at-nongmoproject-dot-org (we spell it out that way to cut down on spam, but type it out like a normal email address). Also be sure to send us your name and address. The first three people to contact us will be sent a gourd gift pack featuring a hand-carved mate gourd, bombilla straw, and 6 ounces of mate (retail value $29.99), compliments of Guayaki.

As Guayaki Creative Director Steven Karr says of the promotion on the “Pure Mind” bottles, “the mate combined with Gingko and Tulsi makes people clear headed, so they’ll really understand the Project’s message about clean ‘clear’ food.” We hope so!

All of Guayaki’s products are “Non-GMO Project Verified.”