Exotic Superfoods Provides Top Quality Coconut Products, Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Exotic SuperFoods Now has Non-GMO Project Verified ProductsExotic Superfoods has been supplying shoppers high quality, USDA certified organic, raw (unpasteurized), frozen, young Thai coconut meat and coconut water since January 2009. The company proudly announces that its coconut products are now Non-GMO Project Verified.  The Non-GMO Project offers America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance.

Exotic Superfoods is a company that believes everyone has the right to know what is in the food they buy and consume. When consumers purchase Exotic Superfoods coconut products, they recognize the integrity and prestige Exotic Superfoods stand behind: provider of 100% certified organic, raw, freshly frozen young Thai coconut products. The addition of the Non-GMO Project Verified seal showcases the company’s dedication to healthy food and ensure customer trust.

About Exotic Superfoods

Exotic Superfoods began as a raw vegan retail store/juice bar/restaurant in September 2006, the first of its kind in Queens, NY. One of the best selling products was the whole organic coconuts flown in overnight from Thailand. Eventually founder Matt J. Henckler formed a partnership with a co-op of organic farms in Thailand. In January 2009, Exotic Superfoods started a new venture and began offering Exotic Superfoods’100% USDA certified organic, raw, and frozen young Thai coconut water and coconut meat to health food stores, juice bars, and restaurants, as well as making local deliveries in Queens, Brooklyn, and NYC.  Exotic Superfoods was the first 100% USDA certified organic, raw coconut water and coconut meat on the market and really the rest is delicious and nutritious coconut history.

The company’s coconuts are 100% certified USDA organic.  To preserve freshness, coconuts are harvested, packaged and frozen on site in Thailand.  No preservatives are added, and products are pure. The freezing process preserves nutrients and freshness.

For more information:

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CA Office : 347.804.3961