Emerging Opportunities for Farmers In the Non-GMO Market

LogoColorÄThe Non-GMO Project’s Executive Director, Megan Thompson, will speak with farmers in Nebraska this summer as part of Grain Place Food’s annual farm tour and seminar. The subject will be “Emerging Opportunities for Farmers in the Non-GMO Market,” and the event will be an opportunity to have a direct dialogue with farmers about the benefits and challenges of operating with rigorous GMO contamination controls, such as those outlined in the Non-GMO Project Standard. The host, Grain Place Foods, offers a thriving example of how even small-scale farmers can benefit from national and international non-GMO markets.

The seminar and tour take place Saturday, July 11th, 2009. For more info, contact info@grainplacefoods.com

Click here to download a PDF flyer for the event.