Dr. Kracker’s Continued Dedication to Simple and Transparent Ingredients through the Non-GMO Project

Dr. Kracker®, the original U.S. domestic producer of European Crispbreads, Snacks and Crackers, today announces that it has achieved Non-GMO Project verification from The Non-GMO Project on 18 of its products. Dr. Kracker’s products offer “better for you” options when it comes to bread replacement, between meal snacking or entertaining friends and family. The brand is committed to providing wholesome and Whole Grain Strong® offerings packed with Plant based Powerhouses like Seeds & Whole Grains.

“For over a decade, Dr. Kracker has continued to create unique products that consumers love. As an early supporter of the Non-GMO Project, we have always believed in transparency and offering consumers better choices. We understand the importance of consumers being able to make informed choices.  The addition of the Non-GMO Project stamp to our packages helps consumers identify with one of the most important issues of our time.”

Our list of Non-GMO Project verified products includes:

  • Kracker Organic Seedlander Crispbread
  • Kracker Organic Klassic 3 Seed Crispbread
  • Kracker Organic Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Crispbread
  • Kracker Organic Seeded Spelt Crispbread
  • Kracker Organic Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Kracker Organic Robustica Flats Everything
  • Kracker Organic Robustica Flats Rosemary Parmesan
  • Kracker Organic Robustica Flats Roasted Red Pepper & Asiago Cheese
  • Kracker Organic Robustica Mini Flats Sunflower Seed & Cheddar
  • Kracker Organic Robustica Mini Flats Grains & Seeds
  • Kracker Asiago Cheese Culinary Crisps
  • Kracker Apple & Oat Culinary Crisps
  • Kracker Organic Klassic 3 Seed Snackers
  • Kracker Organic Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Snackers
  • Kracker Organic Seedlander Snackers
  • Kracker Organic Seed Trio Snack Crackers
  • Kracker Organic Seeds & Cheddar Snack Crackers
  • Kracker Organic Seed Power Snack Crackers

About Dr. Kracker

Since 2003, Dr. Kracker has been a producing its unique products in the state of Texas. Our company is dedicated to combining the European Artisan technology with the American Consumers desire for healthier choices when it comes to diet and life style choices.