Divino Gelato Achieves Non-GMO Project Verification

Divino_Logo_unitNew York, NY – December 12, 2014 – Divino, maker of handcrafted gelato-filled fruit from Italy, is proud to announce that they are officially Non-GMO Project Verified. Divino is committed to providing the highest-quality product without compromising on ingredients. They take only the freshest fruits at the peak of harvest season to craft their five flavors, and Non-GMO Project Verification ensures consumers that Divino’s products are made in compliance with the best possible practices for GMO avoidance.

“Our fruits are grown under the best possible conditions, in volcanic soil in Southern Italy, and we wait for the fruit to ripen fully so we can capture that perfectly-ripe flavor in our gelato,” said Guido Molinari of Divino. “There is nothing better than the natural flavor of an Amalfi lemon or a Roman kiwi, so it was easy for Divino to be committed to producing non-GMO products.”

Divino obtained Non-GMO Project Verification after each of their products underwent a series of tests to determine that all ingredients used in each of the flavors met the Non-GMO Project Standard for GMO avoidance. Moving forward, they will display the Non-GMO Project Verified label on all of their products.

Divino currently sells five all-natural, vegan, gluten free, fat free, and non-GMO flavors: Amalfi Lemon, Black Diamond Plum, Ciaculli Tangerine, Roman Kiwi, and Apulian Peach. Each of these fruits is harvested in Southern Italy and transported to their factory on the Amalfi Coast. There, they cut the fruit in half, scoop the pulp out to be made into delicious gelato, hand place the gelato back into the original skin, and flash-freeze the entire fruit to lock in the flavor. The gelato-filled fruit is then individually packaged and shipped out for the world to enjoy.

As Divino grows and expands, they will remain committed to providing delectable non-GMO desserts that anyone can indulge in worry-free.

About Divino

Divino creates all natural, gluten free, fat free, vegan, and non-GMO gelato-filled fruits and brings the taste of sunny Southern Italy to the world directly from their home on the Amalfi Coast. They believe in using only the best ingredients, which is why they harvest their fruit at the peak of season and take care to retain the flavor without using any preservatives. For more information about Divino, visit www.lovedivino.com or follow them on Facebook (facebook.com/hellodivino), Twitter (@hellodivino), or Instagram (@hellodivino).


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