Dave’s Killer Bread Rocks Non-GMO Project

Dave's_Killer_BreadEntire Product Line Earns Verification

Organic Trailblazer Backs Oregon Right to Know Initiative

Dave’s Killer Bread just got more awesome. Already one of the cleanest bread labels on shelf – the bakery uses no artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup – the No.1-selling organic bread maker in the U.S. has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification for all its 13 varieties of bold, seed-crusted, whole grain certified organic breads.

Packaging on all products, including its popular 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, Blues Bread® and Good Seed TM, now displays Non-GMO Project Verification prominently on the front of its new, bold packaging.

“Transparency is part of our DNA,” said Dave’s Killer Bread Vice President of Marketing Michelle Hunt. “Consumers can already see the care we take to source high-quality, nutrition-rich ingredients. We power pack our breads with ancient grains, seeds and organic ingredients. Organic and non-GMO have always been our way of making bread, before there were certifications or consumer demand. Our clean label confirms it, and we’re proud to have all our breads verified.”

“We’re excited to be working with such dedicated brands as Dave’s Killer Bread,” said Megan Westgate, Director of the Non-GMO Project. “The work required to verify an entire product line shows a high level of commitment to transparency and to changing the overall supply chain.”

DKB is also an active supporter of Yes on 92, a nonpartisan grassroots campaign in its backyard that successfully gathered enough petition signatures to put GMO labeling on the November ballot. DKB is sponsoring natural food education stations at select Oregon retailers and participating in an education and awareness campaign with like-minded brands including Dr. Bonner’s Natural Soaps, Nature’s Path and Nancy’s Yogurt.

Not only organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, Dave’s Killer Bread delivers killer taste and texture. Powerful in nutrition and protein, the breads are loaded with Omega-3s, fiber, seeds and organic ingredients such as amaranth, barley, spelt, blue cornmeal and pumpkin seeds. An average slice has four to five grams of protein, as much as an egg. DKB’s Thin-Sliced varieties have all the nutrition of their regular deli slices, with only 60 or 70 calories.

About Yes on 92

Yes on 92 is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization working to label genetically engineered foods and win Oregonians the right to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families. Learn more about how you can help support Measure 92 at oregonrighttoknow.org.

About Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread is the best-selling organic sliced bread in the U.S.*, with 13 varieties and distribution in nearly 25 states and Canada. DKB is committed to creating an environment built from second chances and turning them into lasting change – powering the good in its employees, industry and communities since 2005. One third of its employees have a criminal background, and Dave’s Killer Bread is providing the tools and resources to enhance life after incarceration. The employee partners at Dave’s Killer Bread put their hearts into everything they do, from selling bread from the company’s original booth at the Portland Farmers Market, to making the best bread in the universe.

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*Source: IRI, ending July 13, 2014


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