Dang Foods Receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Dang_logoDang Foods, a Berkeley-based company dedicated to making delicious and healthy coconut chips is pleased to announce it has received the official Non-GMO Project Verification seal on its Original and Caramel Sea Salt flavors.

“We believe in transparency and giving consumers the choice on whether they want to include GMO ingredients in their diet,” said Vincent Kitirattragarn, Dang Foods’ founder.

Non-GMO Project Verification ensures products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—that means Dang adheres to rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance including segregation and traceability to prevent contamination.

Dang coconut chips are currently available in Caramel Sea Salt and Original flavors. Three new flavors, Dark Chocolate Coated, Greek Yogurt Coated and Unsweetened will be in available in stores this Fall. Dang is actively working with the Non-GMO Project to obtain Verification for these three new products.

Dang Foods is the first and only company solely focused on offering delicious coconut chip snacks to U.S. consumers. Our chips are toasted to create a buttery umami flavor that surprises many who try them for the first time. In fact, our motto is “Dang, that’s good!” because it’s what we often hear when sampling our chips around the country.  Dang chips are naturally vegan and gluten free and are eaten as a healthy snack or topping for ice cream, yogurt and salads.

About Dang Foods

Dang Foods is forging ahead to bring unconventional culinary delights from around the globe to the U.S. Market.  The company was founded in 2012 by Vincent Kitirattragarn who, while preparing a recipe his mother had shared with him from her native Thailand, fell in love with one key ingredient: toasted coconut. It had a strong, sweet aroma and a very satisfying crunch. Dang is named after Vincent’s mother whose name also means “red” in Thai. We also think it’s just really fun to say.  Visit us at: www.dangfoods.com, or find us here:

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Contact Information

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