Celebrate a Non-GMO Thanksgiving

Happy holiday season! This is when food truly gets fun.

You probably agree that there’s nothing celebratory about GMOs. That’s why we’re offering 4 resources to help you keep GMO ingredients out of your grocery cart and off of your Thanksgiving table. Our family at the Non-GMO Project is wishing you and your loved ones a delicious and delightful holiday!

1. INFOGRAPHIC. See which common menu items are at risk for being GMO, and find easy alternatives. 2. SHOPPING LIST TEMPLATE. This handy 3-page template makes it easy to shop for a non-GMO Thanksgiving. 3. COOKBOOK. The Non-GMO Cookbook features recipes and advice for a non-GMO lifestyle. 4. RECIPE. Excerpted from The Non-GMO Cookbook, Dean’s Cornbread is a great addition to your feast.
Non-GMO Thanksgiving 2013 Shopping List Image The Non-GMO Cookbook Cover iStock_000011851656XSmall