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Signing and sharing petitions. Will join protest if w/in a reasonable distance. Will share all information on how important it is to at least get labeling, D... Read more


Eating only NON-GMO foods and educating/helping others through our blog Read more


We at Natural Vitality commit to getting ALL of our products Non-GMO Project Verified, we commit to supporting the non-GMO movement, to educating and informing others through social media outlets, our newsletter and our bimonthly magazine, Organic Connections!... Read more


Erewhon is committed to keeping organic and non-GMO at the heart of all the foods we create.... Read more


Peace Cereal is committed to making non-GMO cereals that are flavorful and fun!... Read more

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is committed to continuing to make simple high fiber cereals from non-GMO ingredients.... Read more


Feeding my pup, Merlot, only non-GMO foods and treats! Working for a manufacturer that has a Non-GMO Verified product, Natural CALM, I do pretty good with my own diet and have gone out of my way to get good food for my pet. Recently though I realized that despite how much better his food may be, it is not certified Non-GMO which leads me to believe that it has GMOs in it! My challenge is to change his diet and free him from any GMOs.... Read more


collecting non gmo labels vs. box tops found mostly on unhealthy, processed foods!... Read more


I commit to plant non-GMO seeds in my garden and do my very best to spread the word around about GMOs being bad. I promise to only buy non-GMO products.... Read more


Serve non-GMO foods to friends and family, and teach them about the dangers associated with eating pesticide-laden GMO foods.... Read more