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We will grow as much of our own fruits and veggies as we can in our backyard. William and Meredith started all the plants from seeds this year. We are not only growing our own food but our kids are learning about where the food comes from that we buy at the store. It's all around a very educational and healthy process.... Read more


I commit to teach others about the non-GMO project! I took my sister shopping today and I am telling EVERYONE that will listen!! :)... Read more


I commit to educating myself and others about gmos and the importance of eating and growing organic. My family has started a non-profit Learning Farm to educate the public. Our mission is to protect our local food source by empowering every member of our community with access to resources for production, preserving, and perparation of safe healthy foods.... Read more


I am a musician for the band Ninja Kore, a well known electronic music band from Portugal. I am against unsafe GMO practices with our food and I commit to use music and my art to spread the word and inform the youth about the dangers of GMOs. Power starts with education of the youth and our fans are the right age to learn and take action. We believe all artists have the responsibility to use their mass exposure to educate the public and this our pledge: to inform and inspire action.... Read more


continuing my independent research project and educating people of the dangers associated with GMOs. I promise to eat non-gmo foods and educate others about Non-GMO Verified Foods.... Read more


For the Non-GMO Challenge I commit to provide the best health for all of my family (puppies and tortoise included!) We also strive to educate our extended family and friends on the importance of working together to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO food and products!... Read more


Teach my kids where their food comes from, how to cook it and when to eat it!... Read more