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Only eating non-GMO foods. We eliminated all gmo foods from our home. We also try to avoid GMOs while eating out but selection is very limited where we live. For Easter we found non-GMO lovely candy (caramels and fruit chews ) in eggs from our Easter egg hunt in our back yard.... Read more


Give my 2 year old healthy organic Non-GMO snacks & cereals.... Read more


eating foods and snacks that are Non-GMO. I will continue to educate my son about GMO's and Non-GMO foods and the importance of eating and growing foods that will help his body and mind thrive, as well as helping our planet, so that he will live a long healthy life and pass his knowledge to his friends.... Read more


only consume healthy, real non-GMO food. I am committed to raising awareness of GMO foods and the possible health risks associated with them. I am also committed to communicating to my Representatives appealing for mandatory labeling of GMO's.... Read more


I commit to only buying organic and especially NON-GMO labeled foods when available. The more we buy the more it will become available.... Read more


Teaching my children about Real Food and feeding them organic, Non-GMO :-):-)... Read more


I've committed my self for some time now to non-GMO consumption and I'm vegetarian as well .... Read more


A 100% God Made Original and Organic Food and stay far from all Good Made Ogly Food. So Be It.... Read more