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Eat, live and breathe non gmo! I have been spreading awareness about gmo dangers since learning what they are in 2010. I created the GMOFreeWorld Facebook page and GMOFree.US blog site, participated in a radio interview after the Rally For The Right 2 Know in Atlanta in 2010, and participate in rallies and promotions as often as I can.... Read more


Being Healthy!!! I want to live GMO free and be as healthy as I can!... Read more


For the Non-GMO challenge we commit to making non-GMO products! And to encourage others to get on the bandwagon with us! -Kristy Lewis & The Quinn Popcorn Team... Read more


Feeding my family as many non-gmo snacks and meals as I can.... Read more


"Do we use GMOs? TeecciNOO! Do we feed our bodies with safe and healthy food? TeeChiYAA!"... Read more


For the Non-GMO Challenge I commit to and ask all children all over the World to say NO and Never GMO.... Read more


teaching the faculty, parents, and students of Bowmar Elementary School in Vicksburg, MS about the Non-GMO Project. All faculty and families will be receiving a Non-GMO Project bumper sticker and FAQ pamphlet. Student, Andrew Brewer will also be speaking on the Non-GMO Project for our Earth Day celebration.... Read more