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Bake with non-gmo flours, drink non-gmo and organic milk, make most of my own personal care products with non-gmo ingredients, eat non-gmo/organic/grassfeed meats whenever possible. Phase out products with "modified" starches or oils that are known to have been modified. Use non-gmo oils for sautéing.... Read more


buy and feed only quality non-GMO food to my girls and our chickens. We will go back to the basics and eat food that fuels our bodies not hurts our bodies.... Read more


Provide only the best food for my family!! Non GMO!! We don't want their pesticide and we are all healthier because of it. Been using the Non-GMO Project app for two years and have almost completely eliminated symptoms of my son's esophageal condition. His immune system is stronger and he is happier. Cheers to love health and happiness!! The Teska's... Read more


I am committed to helping my own health, the wonderful creatures that are suffering from GMO crops like honey bees and the monarch butterfly. I am committed to a Non-GMO life for my planet and for those whom live on it, even if they don't yet know what GMO is. Without our commitment the word will never spread. Go Non GMO and you will benefit so many more than you know!!... Read more


knowing where our food comes from. That includes non-gmo fruits & vegetables. We are working hard to teach our family that a healthier lifestyle is a responsibility we all share.... Read more


Make sure not only I eat non GMO foods, but make sure my family does as well so I know they are hoing to grow up healthy and make life long health habits!... Read more


I commit to buying only organic or Non-GMO verified food. I commit to voting by where I spend my dollar. I commit to our local farmers. I commit to educating others and myself about the dangers of GMO food. I commit to fighting for the best possible future for my kids and others. They are out future.... Read more


Not eating GMO foods! Mom helps by buying organic whenever possible.... Read more