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I am committed to reading the labels of what I put into my temple. A temple that is sacred. I want to eat Non-GMOs and teach my kids and other people about choosing the right foods.... Read more


Woodstock commits to HELP GROW NON-GMO. We helped spread the word yesterday as we celebrated National Bring Your Kids to Work Day. 74 commitments and counting!... Read more


Check all the labels to ensure the products are Non-GMO Project Verified, make sure my family only eats Non GMO products and to support only companies involved in the Non-GMO project. We have also planted our own veggies and herbs in recycled wine crates. Because my daughter is not a science experiment, we only support companies that are deeply involved with this same endeavor. We thank Whole Foods La jolla and the non-GMO Project for being our partners in this noble goal. Thank you so much for ... Read more


I am commited to helping our three daughters make heathly food choices and teaching them the importance of eating organic meals, snacks, etc. We are looking forward to growing a GMO-free garden this year too!... Read more


Eat super healthy by eating non-GMO food only and wish that it was not so hard for my parents to find me GMO free food, so that is why I am going to ask Santa this year to ban GMO's for everyone.... Read more


Make sure my 5 year old son Benjamin eats all non-GMO food always!! And that I spread the word with others for all "our" health!... Read more


Never buy things I am not sure about,man and grow as many meals as we can. No voting for non-GMOs with our dollars.... Read more


Buying Non-GMO verified and/or USDA ORGANIC products. We also plant our own garden and buy shop farm stands and markets regularly. Maine is a huge supporter of locally grown produce.... Read more


Buy organic fruits & veggies, only eat meat that came from animals that were grass fed & lived in good conditions, NEVER consume anything with any sort of corn or corn byproduct in it... This of course will be a challenge, it's already been tough, but well worth it! I also commit to educating my friends & peers on the dangers of GMO's.... Read more