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Teach my community of the importance of a Non-GMO lifestyle!... Read more


I commit to continue to spread awareness about the threat of Genetically Modifided Organisms. I will only plant non-GMO vegetables in my garden and never use Round-Up or synthetic fertilizers! I promise to continue to eat non-GMO project verified foods! The picture is of my National History Day exhibit that made it to state for superior quality in all categories.... Read more


Throw away all of the GMO products in my house and replace them with non-GMO ones! :)... Read more


eating only Non-GMO foods at home, in school, and everywhere I visit. In addition, as an international level judo player, I will sponsor the Non-GMO Project at all my judo events.... Read more


We will not eat GMOs! We are trying very hard to make it a lifestyle chang. We read labels and try to make sure that we are eating Organically. We pledge a month-plus! Thank you!... Read more


Looking for the butterfly FIRST! (Most mainstream grocery stores carry mainstream products.... we shop at Safeway, but we commit to looking for the Non-GMO verified butterfly first, and rejecting products without the butterfly. I simplify the facts while shopping my 4-year-old; now she knows the butterfly is good food ~ non-GMO Project Verified food!) Thank you for your consideration.... Read more


As a nurse I know what goes into your body is important. So I went Non-GMO last year. I'm so committed there's not a lot of places with non-GMO stuff around where I live and I drive an hour and a half once a week to get groceries and now I'm starting my 1st non-GMO/organic garden!!! Committed you ask... I think so (: GMO free for life!... Read more


only feeding my children non-gmo products that are safe for them to eat!!!... Read more


look out for the Non-GMO Project Verified logo and to support by buying Non-GMO products... Read more