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Grow a gmo free garden with 100% organic heirloom seeds!... Read more


Look for the butterfly on all my food I buy! I will not eat processed foods that have corn or soy! My job as a mother to an unborn child is to give my baby all that he needs to grow healthy! ... Read more


Buying and feeding myself & my family only organics when longer eating any processed foods.... Read more


I commit to sharing my knowledge about gmo's with anyone I meet.... Read more


Bring awareness to my fellow 4 legged friends. A non-GMO lifestyle is just as important for us.... Read more


Avoiding any products or companies that Monsanto has bought out and continuing to raise our own organics.... Read more


grow my own! doing the greenhouse as we speak, and I live in a poor area, so i will be sharing the reap. Heirloom or hybrid seeds all the way. mostly heirloom.... Read more