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Not eating GMO foods and spreading the word to educate others on how GMO's are bad for us and NOT NEEDED!... Read more


For the Non-GMO challenge I commit to say no to GMO's!!!!... Read more


Only eating non-GMO organically grown foods, to educating others about the dangers of GM foods, and to help my Mom with our organic garden!... Read more


Replacing all my GMO food in my pantry with NON-GMO products.... Read more


Organize a rally and petition in my community, with farmers and consumers, to STOP genetically modified alfalfa from being released for sale in Canada!... Read more


We commit to only shopping where non-GMO verified products are sold. It's my way as the consumer to raise my voice and take action.... Read more


Attend a rally against GMO. Make my own sign and walk around the rally with my sign.... Read more


Educate who I can, whenever I can. Whether it be at a rally or in the grocery store. You will be amazed at how many people do not even know what "GMO" is.... Read more