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For the Non-GMO Challenge, Squarebar commits to only selling Non-GMO Project Verified products!... Read more


Our family commits to driving 1 hour to the nearest health food store to buy non-gmo food. Only non-gmo food will go on our table, we are not going to be an experiment! It is our responsibility to leave the World in a better place than we found it, this is for OUR future, OUR chidren, OUR health!... Read more


Eating products free of harmful GMOs not only for my benefit, but for my family's & the environment as well.... Read more


making a video to teach kids about gmos. I love my body and I'm saying NO to gmos!... Read more


Grow our own food, eat local & buy local. Have awareness for small to large farmers. Anyone can grow their own foods. No matter where you are. GMO free Hawaiian!... Read more