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Growing as much of our own organic food as possible (& catnip for the kitties!)... Read more


I will not purchase or eat anything that I cannot verify as GMO free. This has been a life altering commitment for my family. Since I stopped eating processed foods 2 months ago nearly all my fibromylagia symptoms have disappeared as quickly as it had over-taken my life and made me sick for 2 years in 2 months I am well on the way to health again!!!... Read more


Purchase safe seeds and plants only as well as eat non GMO food products.... Read more


I commit to making sure that everything I buy is non-GMO verified/certified, fight for labeling of GMOs, and educating others.... Read more


We (Dryside Urban Gardening) carry only non-GMO seeds!... Read more


For the Non-GMO Challenge I commit to eating only USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project verified foods. (My child DJ is in the picture showing his commitment.)... Read more


Using organic seeds & shopping local farms & markets!... Read more


Tell five friends about why it is so important to eat non gmo verified foods!... Read more


Make sure that nothing GMO ever enters our house again. I already only buy organic vegetables and fruit, but I will be more vigilant in making sure no GMO's sneak in to our pantry in items like granola bars and ready made snacks!... Read more