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Just say no! And consciously seek to choose non GMO foods... Read more


Transition my household into a GMO free place to be! I have found grocery stores in my area at which i can purchas labeled and listed non-gmo food and am planning a city wide gardening project plan to propose to our new city Mayor.... Read more


Not purchasing from human or pet food companies that include GMO ingredients in anything they sell.... Read more


My Nana and PaPa are teaching me to grow Non-GMO. Start them young they say and teach others about using non-gmo.... Read more


At Hilary's Eat Well, we are committed to only selling Non-GMO project verified products with the highest quality ingredients!... Read more


...I commit to buy and eat ONLY non-gmo (organic) fruits and veggies, and other vegan foods! <3... Read more


My Mommy will not buy, feed me, or grow anything GMO!... Read more


Encouraging the Minister of Agriculture to halt the approval of GE Alfalfa... Read more