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Clarification in Response to Cornucopia Report

The Cornucopia Institute’s recent “Cereal Crimes” report contains some potentially confusing information about the Non-GMO Project, which we would like to address. The report states that: “Furthermore, the Non-GMO Project, which ‘enrolls’ products before it verifies them as being non-GMO, may give consumers a false sense of security. Our test results reveal that several ‘enrolled’ products were in fact made with GE ingredients." It is absolutely true that we enroll products... Read more

Right2Know March Blog #3

From Chris Keefe, Non-GMO Project Outreach Coordinator October 9   Chris reports, "Sammy was just getting off of work when we walked through his neighborhood. He was so excited about the March that he dropped his toolbox in the lag wagon, and started walking! After many miles, and hundreds of conversations, it looks like he needed a nap!       October 10 The close of another beautiful day on the Right2Know March. We woke this morning in the t... Read more

Right2Know March Blog #2

From Chris Keefe, Non-GMO Project Outreach Coordinator October 4, 2011 Everybody's Kitchen serves hot breakfast and marchers chow down, while Cheryl from Transcendent Yoga leads us through some morning poses. It's a beautiful morning in New Brunswick! Many thanks also to Will and the Bike Library for letting us spend the night!               Diane Feeney, of Westfield NJ, met the march at Autumn Harvest yesterday, and was so excited ... Read more

Right2Know March Blog #1

From Chris Keefe, Non-GMO Project Outreach Coordinator October 2, 2011 Hi everyone!  Quick update. Miss you all. Day 1 – Manhattan – exciting day, hundreds of people at the event in Prospect Park, covered 16 miles, dropped by the UN, and had a lot of great conversations on the streets of the city.    A little rain here and there, and a my cell phone broke, but the rest of the day was a breeze. Day 2 – Newark! Woke up and the wind and cold rain were gone.  A wonderfully co... Read more

UN Commission Poised to Adopt New Labeling Guidelines for GMO Food

[caption id="attachment_3509" align="alignright" width="254"] Dr. Phil Bereano[/caption] By the close of its 39th session, the United Nations' Codex Alimentarius Commission was poised to adopt Labeling Guidelines for GMO foods that will provide some protection from the World Trade Organization for national-scale GMO-labeling programs around the world. The Non-GMO Project sponsored activist Phil Bereano's participation in this session, and in so doing helped to ensure that the voices of the Ac... Read more

Team Organic will Never Surrender to Monsanto: Now We Continue the Fight, Together

By Megan Westgate I am no stranger to the rush of radical activism, to the satisfaction of identifying an enemy and throwing heart and soul into righteous indignation. In this complicated world, it’s tempting to reduce shades of gray to simple black and white. Sometimes that’s the only way to achieve a reassuring sense that we know where we stand (and therefore who we are). As a college student a decade ago, I devoted endless hours to organizing protests against the Keck Graduate Institut... Read more

Holiday Celebrating With Non-GMO Choices

If you’re like me, you often feel a bit vulnerable during the holiday season when confronted with tempting holiday sweets and foods that would normally be on your “do not eat” list. Fortunately, we have options! There are now an ever increasing number of brands, either enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program, or those that have completed the process (bearing the product Seal of verification). What better way to celebrate family and friends than by ensuring they are eat... Read more

Who Is To Blame For The Superweed Invasion?

A second contribution from our wonderful guest blogger Deniza Gertsberg, author of the GMO Journal. ====== A fundamental change occurred when the first genetically engineered crops went commercial in 1996. Farmers who planted GE crops that were altered to withstand continued application of herbicide glyphosate began to rely on a single system for weed management — the use of glyphosate, sold under brand name Roundup and manufactured by Monsanto.   As Dr. David A. Mortensen of the... Read more

October is Non-GMO Month: 10-10-10 is No-GMO Day

By guest blogger Rady Ananda, author of Food Freedom ====== Okay, here’s your chance, with a new way for you to know that your food does not contain genetically modified organisms. The Non-GMO Project, a collection of top suppliers and advocates in the organic industry, and the only no-GMO certifier in North America, has kicked off a GM-free month. Ruh-roh — October includes Halloween. Since half of the refined sugar in the US is genetically modified, coming from GM sugar beets, f... Read more

Life is a Cabaret

From Non-GMO Month Guest Blogger, Jeanne Blackwell AKA "Mom", co-author of Hole in the Fence ( ====== Prize in a Cracker Jack box, quite the cabaret for kids of all ages. Never know what you are going to get and always excited to find out. I like a little cabaret with my Mongolian barbecue and for sure a couple of Velvet Hammers will get me dancing on a table top at the Lemon Tree. What is not fun is Aspic, sometimes called cabaret, or eating fish sperm in ... Read more