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GMO Sweet Corn—Anything but Sweet

For many of us sweet corn has been a cornerstone of summer meals and a symbol of the fall harvest and Thanksgiving since we were children. However, this once benign treat has gone through a radical change. In 2011, Monsanto announced their plans to grow genetically modified sweet corn on 250,000 acres in the United States. The harvest from these GMO (genetically modified organism) fields will account for 40 percent of the sweet corn market in 2012. Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn is bred to resis... Read more

Welcome, Arielle!

[caption id="attachment_6123" align="alignright" width="193"] Arielle Stein joined the Project as a Retailer Programs Assistant on July 17 2012.[/caption] With more than 5,000 products now Non-GMO Project Verified, and well over 1,000 natural foods stores expected to participate in the third annual Non-GMO Month this October, it's time for the Non-GMO Project staff to keep growing! The most recent addition to our small but mighty team is Arielle Stein, Retailer Programs Assistant. From now th... Read more

Visioning for our Non-GMO Future

[caption id="attachment_6110" align="alignright" width="300"] NGP Board Members, from L to R. Top Row: Albert Straus, Mark Squire, Michael Potter, Courtney Pineau (staff), Grant Lundberg, Corinne Shindelar, Michael Funk, Bob Gerner, Melissa Hughes, John Fagan (advisor). Bottom Row: Dag Falck, Megan Westgate, Maureen Kirkpatrick.[/caption] The Non-GMO Project Board's 4th annual strategic planning retreat, held July 16-18 in California, was full of inspiration and thought-provoking conversation... Read more

Take part in North America’s largest celebration of our right to choose Non-GMO

It’s finally summertime in Western Washington, and our little office is abuzz with excitement.  The  lettuce is full, the strawberries are ripening beautifully, and our work putting everything in place for Non-GMO Month 2012 is beginning in earnest. This October, we will be celebrating our third annual Non-GMO Month. This month-long celebration plays an essential role in bringing visibility to the issue of GMOs in our food supply. In collaboration with dedicated retailers, manufacturers, ... Read more

The Conscious Caravan and the Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign

"All we want's a simple label, for the food that's on our table," our four year old daughter belted out in the aisles of Whole Foods, on her own accord and with a smile that reaffirms why we need to keep striving to get all foods labeled and GMO's eventually banned in the U.S. It was about a week after we finished the Right2Know March- - from New York City to Washington, DC to raise awarenessfor labeling GMO's and we had sung that tune several times over the cour... Read more

Reader Responds to NYT Cover Story on GMOs

Today's New York Times cover story, Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food, is encouraging evidence that the mainstream is taking note of this critical issue. But did the story get the facts straight? We agree with Bill Keefe of Glastonbury, CT, who sent the comments below to the NYT. Full disclosure: Bill happens to be the father of our Outreach Coordinator, Chris Keefe, but the Project was not in any way involved in drafting these comments. The Keefes are just a family full ... Read more

Highlights from the Non-GMO Challenge

In April of 2012, the Non-GMO Project launched the Non-GMO Challenge in celebration of Earth Month. The objective of the Challenge was to give people an opportunity to make a meaningful non-GMO commitment while learning more about GMOs and having fun in the process. On our website, there were daily and weekly activations that included answering quiz questions, posting pictures of the Non-GMO Project verification mark on products, sharing a non-GMO meal, and swapping out a product that poten... Read more

The Non-GMO Workplace

  [caption id="attachment_5639" align="alignright" width="235"] Thinking deeply about sustainability[/caption] As part of the Non-GMO Project’s celebration of Earth Month, we asked Sustainable Connections, a local non-profit, to join us in taking the Non-GMO Challenge.  Sustainable Connections has been a pioneer in building the local-living economy movement in the United States and Canada. Their work bringing businesses together to transform and model an economy built on sustainabl... Read more

Non-GMO Project in Vogue

The current issue of Vogue magazine (May 2012) features an excellent article on GMOs. A well-researched piece by Eve Conant, "Lab to Table" covers the latest research on the technology as well as the burgeoning resistance movement. The article concludes with great info about the solutions offered by the Non-GMO Project, and ends with this quote from Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate: I asked Westgate if she felt certain GMOs were dangerous. "What evidence do we have that they ... Read more

Happy Earth Day!

[caption id="attachment_5524" align="alignright" width="300"] From the greenhouse to the chicken coop to the pantry, get tips and inspiration for your own non-GMO commitment.[/caption] While I certainly agree that "every day is Earth Day," I also never turn down a chance to celebrate something good. Earth Day is a perfect time to pause and reflect on everything we're already doing to support a sustainable Earth, and to deepen our commitments to protecting our one and only beautiful planet. ... Read more