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Non-GMO Project Expands Verification Capacity

Public Demand for Non-GMO Choices Drives Growth in Program Administration With more than 20,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products representing well over $7 Billion in annual sales, demand for the iconic butterfly label continues to surpass projections. In response, the Non-GMO Project has trained additional certification bodies to serve as Technical Administrators for its Product Verification Program. The role of Technical Administrators is to oversee the verification process and to is... Read more

Meet a Supporting Retailer!

Across North America, retailers that sell Non-GMO Project Verified products are playing a huge role in the non-GMO movement. Teaming up with retailers that support the mission of the Non-GMO Project is central to the work we do. Once products earn Non-GMO Project Verification, we work to make sure shoppers know what the seal means and why choosing non-GMO is important. Small independent natural food retailers and co-ops helped found the Non-GMO Project. Nowadays, all types of retailers—... Read more

11 Tips for Non-GMO Summer Skin Care

As BBQs, swimming, gardening and recreational adventures ramp up for the summer season, consider what this extra outdoor time means for the largest organ of the human body---your skin! Since warm weather is right around the corner for much of the country, the Non-GMO Project has reached out to the skin experts for ideas on how to keep your skin in love with summer. Companies of Non-GMO Project Verified skin products share some of their favorite tips to having the healthiest, happiest and ... Read more

Welcome Heather!

Heather grew up traveling all over the world, though she considers her home to be the Pacific Northwest region. As a result of that global education she has a tireless interest in global issues of resource access and education and how individuals and institutions can change to create better opportunities for everyone. The other result of family travels is a passion for recreating traditional meals from everywhere. As a natural extension of her love of food and culture, Heather developed her s... Read more

Non-GMO Challenge 2014 Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone for participating in the 2014 Non-GMO Challenge! This year was full of buzz and we saw record engagement. We received so many good entries this year that it was hard to choose between all of them, and it is clear consumers want and are making change in their communities. Check out the entire gallery of photos! We want to warmly thank all the brands that donated products for the Dreambox giveways (see full list at bottom). The product contributions were incredible and ... Read more

Happy Planting: Grow a Non-GMO Garden!

Happy Earth Day! One of the most rewarding ways to eat non-GMO and the best way to know exactly where your food comes from is to grow your own food. Many of us here at the Non-GMO Project are avid gardeners, from large permaculture homesteads to square foot gardens in tiny yards in town to sprouting seeds on our kitchen counters! Keep reading for tips from us about how to grow your own non-GMO garden. 1. First things first: know your GMO-risk crops. Review a complete list of all ... Read more

Celebrate Spring with Seasonal Gifts and Recipes!

Spring has sprung and there are so many seasonal holidays to celebrate! What could be better than non-GMO gift baskets showcasing the season? For a perfect seasonal gift for family and friends, try filling a festive basket with Non-GMO Project Verified products, like this:   [caption id="attachment_10223" align="aligncenter" width="260"] Make a child smile with some sweet treats and fun activities.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_10222" align="aligncenter... Read more

Kitchen Sprouting with High Mowing Seeds

Sprouting seeds for eating and cooking is all the rage these days. While seeds evolved to resist digestion by animals, the sprouting process unlocks nutrients and makes the plant proteins, fatty acids and vitamins bioavailable by turning off the enzyme blockers seeds have for protection. Tom Stearns, owner and founder of High Mowing Seeds, spoke with the Non-GMO Project about sprouting and the amazing work that he and his team are doing. High Mowing Seeds is a small but growing (pun intended... Read more

Are you ready for the Non-GMO Challenge?

Celebrate Earth Month in April by taking part in the Non-GMO Challenge! The Non-GMO Challenge is your opportunity to make a meaningful non-GMO commitment. For some people this may be a non-GMO meal once a week, for others it could striving to eat non-GMO the entire month of April. Whatever your commitment the Non-GMO Project will support your endeavors with tips and recipes throughout the month of April. Encourage and inspire others by posting a picture of you, your children, or pets, with a si... Read more

Welcome, Kara!

We are pleased to welcome Kara Swanson to our growing team in the position of Office Manager. Kara’s experience offers much needed support for our entire staff, and we’re thrilled to have her onboard as employee number 10! Kara was born in Coos Bay, Oregon and recalls fond childhood memories living on their family hobby farm raising chickens, goats, pigs, one small cow named Ferdinand, two cats and their Border Collie dog, Katie.  After her father was offered a job in Vancouver, B.C. her f... Read more