Captain Drake LLC, Leading Supplier of Non-GMO Ingredients, Releases Non-GMO Project Verified Malic Acid

As demand for non-GMO food increases and companies look to suppliers for answers, Captain Drake LLC delivers with its achievement of Non-GMO Project Verification for an essential food ingredient.

Captain Drake LLC now supplies commercially available Non-GMO Project Verified malic acid. The new addition to its already extensive list of Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients results from the company’s commitment to help food and beverage manufacturers appease growing consumer demand for non-GMO food options.

Driving the non-GMO market is the appearance of new non-GMO food product launches by newcomers and established players alike. A January 2017 report from Research and Markets estimates that there are around 2,000 new non-GMO product launches in the US every year with the rate expected to increase through the forecast period of 2021. With nearly 44,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products already on the shelves, reliable availability of existing and new non-GMO ingredients is more important than ever to satisfy food and beverage manufacturers’ drive to meet consumer demand.

“We consider the achievement of attaining Non-GMO Project Verification for our malic acid as resultant of our constant endeavor to provide a start-to-finish non-GMO supply chain for food and beverage manufacturers who need to look outside the conventional supply chain in order to comply with the increasingly health-conscious consumer’s demands,” said Mark Anderson, President of Captain Drake LLC.

As the leading supplier of Non-GMO Project Verified sugars, citrates and now malic acid, Captain Drake LLC’s commitment to filling the gaps in the non-GMO supply chain is further actualized by a widespread network of 12 warehouse distribution centers across the US, ensuring consistent product access for its customers.

“Our mission is perfectly aligned with the Non-GMO Project’s commitment to establish and strengthen the non-GMO food supply. We are proud to continue providing key ingredients that make a trusted non-GMO supply chain accessible to food and beverage manufacturers throughout the entire country,” said Anderson.

Captain Drake LLC is a privately held enterprise based in Minnetonka, Minnesota that was founded in 2012.