Balchem’s VitaCholine® Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Balchem Corporation is pleased to announce that the company has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification for the VitaCholine brand choline chloride and choline bitartrate ingredient product lines.

The Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program is the only non-GMO third-party verification program in North America. Third-party verification is an important mark of quality for product labeling; an independent party utilizing standards developed by industry experts and stakeholders certifies that products have been thoroughly evaluated for compliance.

“Third party assessments of product integrity are important to consumers, particularly those associated with “clean label” attributes,” said Tom Druke, Director of VitaCholine Brand Development, Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma. “VitaCholine is committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market.  When consumers purchase a product containing VitaCholine, these certifications are a mark of our high quality, safety and transparency in manufacturing. And with 60 countries around the world having restrictions or bans on GMO products, this facilitates our international sales efforts.”

“The Non-GMO Project celebrates Balchem’s achievements in verifying a variety of its products and their commitment to providing consumers a transparent choice in the marketplace,” said Courtney Pineau, Associate Director.

Balchem also participates in the USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program, which includes GMP facility auditing, ingredient quality control and manufacturing documentation review, and ingredient testing.  For more detail on our third-party certifications, visit

About Balchem

Balchem Corporation is a global leader in choline, microencapsulation and chelated mineral technology. Committed to providing products with superior performance, Balchem’s unique and proprietary technology offers the most efficient and cost-effective source of select nutrients for supplementation and fortification. VitaCholine® brand choline salts are added during manufacturing to help fortify infant formula, dietary supplements and foods and beverages to support choline intake essential for all life stages. To learn more about VitaCholine, visit