Asante Mama Herbal Teas & Spices Now Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified

A one-of-a-kind African-inspired brand of herbal infusions, culinary spices, and cocoa to launch in the USA after receiving verification for over fifty products from the Non-GMO Project.

Asante Mama, a Uganda brand with natural and organic herbal teas, spices and cocoa has announced today that it recently earned the Non-GMO Project Verified certification a wide range of products.

Asante Mama is a brand of Sunshine Agro Products Ltd., a Ugandan Social Enterprise established in 2007. The aim of the Company is to support rural communities to generate better incomes through farming. Over 70% of the rural people in Uganda depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and most of them live on less than 2 dollars a day.

The founder and CEO, Pamela Anyoti Peronaci, is so passionate about supporting rural farm families and she has actively engaged herself since then to mobilize capital to invest in agriculture through “contract farming.” Starting with 15 widows in 2007, today the company supports 10,000 farm families with a significant number of jobs created for women and youth.

To complete the trajectory, she created Asante Mama brand with ethical products to bring the fruits of their efforts and their story to the rest of the world. She rightly refers to Asante Mama products as “awesome and healthy.” The brand has a direct link between the farmers and consumers – “improving livelihoods” for farmers through better incomes and “improving lifestyles” for the consumer through health products. Moreover, for the consumers, buying Asante Mama means directly giving back and supporting people in Uganda.

Asante Mama is driven by ethical, health and environment concerns. The brand identifies itself with the need to meet the increased demand of consumers for non-GMO & Organic products. Certified organic by CERES, the Company has recently received the Verification by the Non-GMO Project, guaranteeing their products are of highest quality and standards.

Pamela says, “This Verification reflects our long-term mission to improve the lives of rural communities in Uganda and commitment to transparency in providing super healthy, all-natural products of the best that Uganda has to offer. Our mission is ‘Doing business & Doing Good’ and that mission reflects in our slogan, ‘Uplifting lives…one cup at a time’. By partnering with the Non-GMO Project we feel we can offer consumers enjoyable & healthy lifestyles.”

Asante Mama line of products with over 25 herbal teas, infusions and culinary spices are available on “Asante Mama” brand logo was inspired by African culture of hardworking women, with a colorful design, giving an authentic natural feel.

For a complete listing of Asante Mama Non-GMO Project Verified products, please visit


Media Contact:
Michal Norman