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Little Labels, Big Impact

What is the Little Labels, Big Impact Campaign? #LittleLabelsBigImpact This January we’re celebrating change for good with the Little Labels, Big Impact campaign – and inviting everyone to shop sustainably throughout the store! By looking for Non-GMO Project Verified, Fairtrade America and the Marine Stewardship Council labels on groceries, you can be certain you’re supporting practices that are better for people and the planet. Through their rigorous standards, these third-party... Read more

New GMO Alert: Move over synbio stevia; there are new GMO sweeteners in town – November, 2022

Move over synbio stevia; there are new GMO sweeteners in town The stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) features leaves that contain sweetness compounds known as rebaudiosides, or Rebs for short. Each Reb has a slightly different flavor profile. When extracted from the stevia leaf, they combine to create a sweetener that has a slightly bitter, and often unpopular, aftertaste.  Various brands of synthetic biology (synbio) stevia have been on the market for a number of years and were develop... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – November, 2022

The latest SPINS data shows shoppers prefer apple beverages without genetically modified Arctic Apples and dairy products without the GMOs in the livestock feed. Sales of Verified refrigerated eggnog and buttermilk have grown 73% since 20191. This year's growth is already up 58% — and the holidays haven't even started! Apple juice and cider sales with the Butterfly have increased 11% year over year, with $71 million in sales so far2. Beverages are better with t... Read more

New GMO Alert: Purple tomato recently approved for U.S. import and cultivation – October, 2022

October is Non-GMO Month! New GMO Alert – Purple Tomato Recently Approved for U.S. Import and Cultivation Eat two tomatoes and call me in the morning As new GMO techniques such as CRISPR are making it easier and cheaper to genetically modify plants, researchers are expanding their focus to manipulate different types of crops, those that fall outside of what we have come to identify as likely being GMO, such as corn, soy, cotton, sugar beet, and canola. They are also expandi... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – October, 2022

It's Non-GMO Month, our annual celebration of the right to choose non-GMO! Data from SPINS shows that sales really are better with the Butterfly. Sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products growing +17.7%. The second quarter of 2022 shows we're headed for more than $40 billion in annual sales of Verified goods. ... Read more

Executive Order is a Massive Push Toward Further Privatization of U.S. Food Supply

On September 12, 2022, President Biden issued Executive Order 14081, Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy. The order aims to significantly aid food security, supply chain resilience and environmental health. However, the Non-GMO Project is gravely concerned about how biotechnology is applied to food. We believe the executive order’s wholesale embrace of biotechnology is a distraction from indigenous, natural and non... Read more

New GMO Alert: Molecular Farming – September, 2022

Molecular Farming: Creating Peas that are Both Plant and Animal? What is molecular farming? Technically, molecular farming is defined as the production of proteins and other metabolites that are considered valuable to medicine or industry in plants traditionally used in agriculture. Some have casually referred to molecular farming as synbio on steroids. Thus, inasmuch as synbio (i.e., precision fermentation) is the genetic modification of microorganisms to exploit them for what they do... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – September, 2022

According to the Plant Based Food Association, sales of plant-based foods are growing three times faster¹ than overall retail food sales. People are looking for the Butterfly when they shop! From 2019-2021² : Sales of refrigerated cheese and plant-based cheese grew by 17.2%, while sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products grew by 54.5%! In frozen plant-based meat alternatives, the Butterfly effect was even more pronounced. From 10.4% sales growth of products without a G... Read more

More Than Half of All Plant-Based Foods Are Non-GMO Project Verified – and Growing

Consumer preference shows GMOs are not wanted or needed in the innovative plant-based space Bellingham, Wash. – September 7, 2022 – Last year plant-based food sales grew three times faster than total sales, with market value at an all-time high of $7.4 billion. One of the fastest growing product categories, plant-based foods is expected to reach $162 billion in the next decade. Eaters are drawn to plant-based foods for reasons such as health, climate, and affordability. SPINS reports abou... Read more

Non-GMO Project Verified products saw steep sales growth, study finds

This article was originally published in Food Dive written by Megan Poinski.  If a consumer cares about GMOs in their food, they know they need to look for the Non-GMO Project’s butterfly. The certification is granted to products that meet a stringent set of regulations that ensure genetically modified or bioengineered ingredients are not included. Many products that are not required by federal law to label bioengineered ingredients are not eligible for Non-GMO Project verification. ... Read more

GNT launches Non-GMO Project Verified range of clean-label EXBERRY® color concentrates

GNT launches Non-GMO Project Verified range of clean-label EXBERRY® color concentrates [Dallas, NC, September 6, 2022] — EXBERRY® by GNT has created a new portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified colors that eliminates the need for manufacturers to secure independent non-GMO approval. Based on the concept of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® colors are clean-label concentrates made from non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and plants using physical processing methods. However, navigating the ... Read more

Volunteer on the Standards Committee!

We are actively recruiting for three volunteers to serve as Voting Members on the Standards Committee (SC). If you are interested in making a positive impact in the Non-GMO space through your knowledge, experience, and passion, apply! The SC oversees the development of the Non-GMO Project Standard and is responsible for addressing all standard-related comments received from stakeholders. Revisions and interpretations proposed by the SC are reviewed and voted upon by the Standards Oversight ... Read more

New GMO Alert: Motif FoodWorks™ – August, 2022

A New Plant-Based Meat Analog – This Time with Synbio Bovine Blood Proteins The Non-GMO Project closely monitors all food and ingredient products made using synbio (also known as precision fermentation) and has done so for a number of years. We are now seeing these products making their way into the food supply chain. Since its introduction in 2016, the Impossible™ Burger from Impossible™ Foods has had the distinction of being the only plant-based meat analog that includes a synb... Read more

Non-GMO Project Data Drop – August, 2022

The connection between human and planetary health is top of mind for many people. However, curiosity remains high around issues like soil health and regenerative food systems. Companies like ours play a pivotal role in building a sustainable supply chain — and sharing our commitment to a healthier planet with our customers. Regenerative agriculture's reputation is growing! 57% of consumers are aware of the term — a 10-point increase from 2019¹. While 17% of shoppers repo... Read more

New GMO Alert: Bioceres GM HB4 Wheat Gains Traction Worldwide – July, 2022

Bioceres GM HB4 Wheat Gains Traction Worldwide Wheat is a grain fundamental to global health and food security across the world. Our breads, pastas, and other wheat-based foods take up a major portion on our plates, providing an estimated 20% of calories globally. Other principal crops such as corn and soy, which are mostly GMO, are fed to livestock -- not directly to us. Traditionally, consumer acceptance of GMO wheat has been low because we eat wheat at the dinner table. However, with ... Read more

Program Rules and Procedures

The Non-GMO Project is releasing the Program Rules and Procedures to increase transparency in the Product Verification Program (PVP) for all stakeholders. This overarching document outlines the PVP's rules and requirements, including procedures specific to different phases of the Participant's life cycle in the program. Version 1.0 of Rules and Procedures is now available on our website and has an effective date of September 1, 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out to verificat... Read more