67 of the Nation’s Top 100 Dairies now all or partially rBGH Free

A list released this week by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility shows that 67 of the top 100 dairies in the U.S. are now either partially or completely rBGH-free. A genetically modified growth hormone used to stimulate milk production in cows, rBGH has been banned by the European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada, due to animal and human health concerns. While rBGH remains legal in the United States, increased consumer concern, and rejection of rBGH products, has led to a tipping point in which even mainstream conventional producers are discontinuing the use of rBGH. According to this week’s list, three major retailers are completely or partially rBGH-free. Starbucks company stores and Chipotle Restaurants are 100% rBGH-free, and Wal-Mart’s store brand of milk is also rBGH-free.

The rBGH-free movement offers a promising example of the power consumers have to reject genetically modified products and make a lasting change by influencing commercial markets. rBGH is not allowed in organic products, or in products verified by the Non-GMO Project. Click here for a list of dairy products enrolled in the Non-GMO Project.

To download the current list of top rBGH-free brands, please click here.

To see the Sierra Club’s list of rBGH-free cheeses, please click here.

To learn more about rBGH, please visit http://www.sustainabletable.org/issues/rbgh/

To find out how you can help influence more dairies to go rBGH-free, please visit http://www.psr.org/chapters/oregon/alerts/take-back-our-ice-cream.html