Small Acts Lead to Powerful Movements

Help Protect Biodiversity

Plants, animals, soil microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi — plus all the genetic variation within those species — make up an ecosystem that works together to sustain life on our planet. This incredible system is what we call Biodiversity. These ecosystems can be incomprehensibly complex. The presence — or absence — of a single organism can ripple outwards to affect the whole, making it incredibly important to protect.


How does Going Non-GMO Support Biodiversity?

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are part of an industrial approach to agriculture which increases pesticide use and favors monocropping, where a single crop dominates the landscape. These practices decimate biodiversity, both above and below the ground. They deplete soil health, breaking up the networks of bacteria and fungi that are the building blocks of life on this planet.

Biodiversity is lost in favor of uniformity.


You Can Help Us Protect Biodiversity

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