Where do GMOs show up in my food?

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially modified in a lab through genetic engineering. This creates unnatural combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and virus genes that nature never intended. When you avoid GMOs, you’re helping to build a better, more sustainable food system, one that nourishes people and the planet. Click the image to learn where GMOs can show up in your shopping cart.


Join the movement

The Non-GMO Project is highlighting how individual efforts can influence a global movement to change our food system and protect the future of our planet. To illustrate the interconnected impacts that even small actions have upon a whole, renowned Domino Artist Lily Hevesh created a beautiful and playful domino drop:

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Brands can #BeTheButterfly, too!

Throughout the campaign, we’re partnering with mission-aligned brands to highlight how small changes can lead to big impacts. If your business would like to participate in our #BeTheButterfly campaign, please reach out to us at bethebutterfly@nongmoproject.org.