Rad Power Bike Giveaway

During the Non-GMO Project’s butterfly effect campaign, we are highlighting how individual actions ultimately lead to huge impacts: A small and seemingly insignificant choice can create complex changes in the world around us. And we each have a role to play.

The things we do every day are where the most significant opportunity lies. What we eat to fuel our bodies, and how we get those bodies from point A to point B — these are basic human needs and fantastic opportunities for positive change. So, we’ve partnered with Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes to give away a state-of-the-art electric bike! Ebikes make cycling more accessible, with a pedal assist level for every fitness level: All of the fun, as much exercise as the rider wants, and a boost on tough hills or with heavy loads.

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Enter to win an electric bike from Rad Power Bikes below! Let us know how you create positive change in your community. Feel free to get creative, have fun with it, and #BeTheButterfly on an ebike! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how Project staff have pledged to #BeTheButterfly. Open to U.S. residents only that are 18+ years of age
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Join the movement

The Non-GMO Project is highlighting how individual efforts can influence a global movement to change our food system and protect the future of our planet. To illustrate the interconnected impacts that even small actions have upon a whole, renowned Domino Artist Lily Hevesh created a beautiful and playful domino drop:

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Brands can #BeTheButterfly, too!

Throughout the campaign, we’re partnering with mission-aligned brands to highlight how small changes can lead to big impacts. If your business would like to participate in our #BeTheButterfly campaign, please reach out to us at bethebutterfly@nongmoproject.org.