5 Reasons to Keep the Butterfly

1. Strong Shopper Demand

36% of all North American shoppers are more likely to buy products with the Non-GMO Project Butterfly seal.1

2. A Growing Market 

60,000+ Verified products exceeding $40B billion in sales in 2021, an 11%  increase over 2020,2 representing up to 9% of U.S. grocery sales.3

3. Stand out From Bioengineered Foods

Being Verified displays your non-GMO commitment. 9-in-10 consumers say they’re likely to purchase from purpose-driven brands.4

4. Sales Lift 

Brands that actively promote their Non-GMO Project commitment, such as  participating in Non-GMO Month, can see up to a 20% sales lift.5

5. We’re Advertising the Butterfly for You

Non-GMO Project is investing 50% more in advertising dollars in 2021 than in 2020, all to increase awareness of and affinity for the Butterfly seal.