Online shopping for the Non-GMO Cause

Your online shopping can now generate donations for the Non-GMO Project!
Be a part of the first and largest online network of shoppers, online stores, and worthy causes dedicated to turning everyday online shopping and searching into much-needed donations.

Sign up at www.igive.com/NonGMOProject

FREE Membership. Great Deals.
iGive.com is totally free. Plus, you get access to free shipping deals and exclusive coupons, on top of the great deals you’ll find every day through their network of 800+ stores.

Shop at 800+ Top-Notch Online Stores, and Maybe Save on Your Taxes Too.
The iGive mall includes: Amazon.com, REI, Staples, J.Crew, L.L. Bean, Petco, Expedia, Best Buy, Organic Bouquet, MotherNature.com and many more. Best of all, up to 26% of your purchase at each store is donated to the Non-GMO Project. These contributions are even tax-deductible!

Join, Shop, & Get a $5 Bonus Donation!
Get a $5 bonus donation with your first purchase! Just create your new iGive account and make your first purchase within 45 days of joining.

Why not help a good cause today?

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