Supporting Retailer Program

Working together to protect a non-GMO food supply

What is the Supporting Retailer Program (SRP)?
The SRP provides businesses that retail Non-GMO Project Verified products year-round support navigating the GMO issue.  As a Supporting Retailer, you will have access to a suite of materials and resources designed to help you share your non-GMO commitment with your customers and stand out as a thought leader on this issue in your community. Through the Supporting Retailer Program the Non-GMO Project and retailers work together to educate consumers and to protect and build sources of Non-GMO food and products.

How do I get involved?
Members donate $150 per store and $100 per additional store location, renewable annually. In thanks for this tax-deductible contribution, the Project provides additional materials and support for your staff and customers to help promote non-GMO products in your stores year round.  Interested? Sign up here!

What will I receive as a Supporting Retailer?
The Supporting Retailer Program includes:

PosterPrint Materials

  • Two Supporting Retailer posters, 12.25″ x 17.25″ (see image at right)
  • 10 Project logo stickers
  • 25 Non-GMO Project buttons
  • 10 GMO FAQ pocket guides

Educational and Outreach Tools

  • Online Supporting Retailer portal loaded with information and outreach tools
  • Three Shelf Talker designs, one of the best tools for helping your customers begin making Non-GMO choices.
  • Quarterly consumer-focused articles exploring the most important news on the issue, framed for store newsletter/or social media publication
  • Exclusive Supporting Retailer webinars providing greater depth of information, exploration of retailer-relevant topics, and opportunities for Q&A with the Non-GMO Project team
  • A special Non-GMO Project Supporting Retailer logo for use on your web sites, in social media communications, and marketing materials
  • Retailer-specific e-news, highlighting opportunities to engage with shoppers via social media, web, and in-store events
  • Your store will be listed at, and in the Project’s shopping guide iPhone App
  • Support in framing meaningful, achievable non-gmo policy goals around purchasing and promotions

What is the benefit to my store?
Participating in this program provides you with the recognition you deserve as a retailer committed to non-GMO food and products, and it will help you educate your customers about their right to an informed choice when it comes to GMOs.

To become a Supporting Retailer, please complete our Supporting Retailer Sign-Up. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

Already a Supporting Retailer?  Access Tools for Retailers here.