Non-GMO Project Standard

 Open: 2016 Public Comment Period – Extended!

The Non-GMO Project is now accepting comments on the Standard, Version 13. The first round of the public comment period which commenced on Monday April, 25th, and was scheduled to end at the close of business on Friday June, 24th, has been extended. Due to technical issues, the online comment form for the 2016 public comment period was inaccessible at times in mid-June. Accordingly, in order to ensure that all stakeholders who wish to comment have an opportunity to do so, the public comment period has been extended through June 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience and welcome input at the link below:

Access the comment form here. 

Thank you!

About the Standard

The Non-GMO Project Standard is a consensus-based document that has been crafted with the insight and expertise of dozens of individuals, reflecting a dynamic range of perspectives. Beginning with a 60-day public comment period in October and November of 2007, ongoing public comment periods have been established as an important mechanism for keeping the Standard current and collaborative. The most recent public comment period ended January 8, 2016.

Version 13 of the Non-GMO Project Standard was ratified on February 2, 2016.

Click here to download a current copy of the Non-GMO Project Standard (v13) [PDF]

Changes made to Standard v12 can be found included in Standard v13 at the end of the document. There is a hyperlink for the ‘Summary of changes to Standard Version 12’ in the Table of Contents.


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