Carrie Rossman

Outreach Programs Manager

We are pleased to welcome Carrie Rossman as the Project’s new Outreach Programs Manager. Carrie has an extensive background in nonprofit management,  with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. Her most recent role was with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where Carrie developed and grew ethics-based programs for businesses, consumers, nonprofits and students; and expanded funding resources to support these critical programs. Prior to that, Carrie coordinated the volunteer program for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Carrie started the internal “Green Teams” at both the BBB and Habitat for Humanity offices, to reduce waste and improve resource stewardship. Carrie also served on the ClimateWise advisory committee for the City of Fort Collins, in her home state of Colorado.  ClimateWise is a voluntary program to help businesses meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and save money.

In her spare time, Carrie and her family enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities.