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This brand has products in the process of becoming Non-GMO Project Verified; click here to see them.

Verified3 Berry-Cacao Nib-Cashew Trail Mix
VerifiedAcai Powder
VerifiedCacao Beans
VerifiedCacao Butter
VerifiedCacao Nibs
VerifiedCacao Paste
VerifiedCacao Powder
VerifiedCacao Sweet Nibs
VerifiedCamu Powder
VerifiedCashew Nuts
VerifiedChia Powder
VerifiedChia Seeds
VerifiedCoconut Sugar
VerifiedCoconut Water Freeze-Dried Powder - Chocolate
VerifiedCoconut Water Freeze-Dried Powder - Goldenberry
VerifiedCoconut Water Powder
VerifiedDragon Fruit
VerifiedFlax Powder
VerifiedGelatinized Maca Powder
VerifiedGoji-Pomegranate-Acai Superfruit Blend
VerifiedGoji Berries
VerifiedGoji Powder
VerifiedGolden Berries
VerifiedGolden Berry Powder
VerifiedGreen Coffee
VerifiedHemp-Cacao-Maca Superfood Blend
VerifiedHemp Powder
VerifiedHemp Seeds
VerifiedLucuma Powder
VerifiedMaqui Powder
VerifiedMulberry Berries
VerifiedNori Powder
VerifiedNori Sheets
VerifiedOmega Blend Sprouted Smoothie Mix
VerifiedPomegranate Powder
VerifiedRaw Maca Powder
VerifiedSuperfood + Almonds Goldenberry Ginger
VerifiedSuperfood + Cashews Goji Basil
VerifiedSuperfood + Cashews Maca Maple
VerifiedSuperfood + Pepitas Chia Rosemary
VerifiedSuperfood + Pepitas Coconut Hemp
VerifiedTrail Mix
VerifiedWheat Grass Powder
VerifiedYacon Slices
VerifiedYacon Syrup

Enrolled Products
EnrolledBlueberry Hemp Power Snacks
EnrolledCacao Goji Power Snack
EnrolledCitrus Chia Power Snack
EnrolledCoconut Chips Cacao
EnrolledCoconut Chips Caramel
EnrolledCoconut Chips Chili LIme
EnrolledCoffee Cacao Power Snack
EnrolledLemon Goldenberry Power Snack
EnrolledSuperfood + Almonds Cacao Hemp
EnrolledSuperfood + Almonds Turmeric Tamari