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This brand has products in the process of becoming Non-GMO Project Verified; click here to see them.

VerifiedOrganic Buttery Spread Original
VerifiedOrganic Chia Seed Black
VerifiedOrganic Chia Seed Ground
VerifiedOrganic Coconut Flour
VerifiedOrganic Coconut Manna
VerifiedOrganic Coconut Oil
VerifiedOrganic Coconut Sugar
VerifiedOrganic Hemp Oil Cold Pressed
VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein 15G
VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein Chocolate
VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber
VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein Vanilla
VerifiedOrganic Hempseed Raw Shelled
VerifiedOrganic Original Shortening
VerifiedOrganic Red Palm Oil Unrefined

Enrolled Products
EnrolledO'Coconut Coconut Treat Classic
EnrolledO'Coconut Coconut Treat Hemp & Chia
EnrolledOrganic Chiapple Apple Pie Spice
EnrolledOrganic Chiapple Coconut Mango
EnrolledOrganic Chiapple Pure Apple
EnrolledOrganic Chia Seed White
EnrolledOrganic Original Buttery Sticks
EnrolledOrganic Refined Coconut Oil
EnrolledSunflower & Red Palm Oil High Heat
EnrolledSunflower & Red Palm Oil Medium Heat