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Thursday, September 18th, 2014

WhiteOakFarmTableWhite Oak Farm and Table is proud to announce Non-GMO Project Verification for its pasta sauces. This verification is the latest testament to the company’s deep commitment to sustainability and the non-GMO movement.

White Oak Farm and Table Pasta Sauces include five flavors: cherry tomato, tomato artichoke, marinara, tomato basil and arrabbiata. White Oak Farm and Table starts with locally sourced ingredients and creates all-natural fruit spreads, mustard, grilling and finishing sauces, salad dressings and marinades, mixing up unanticipated flavors and creating surprising combinations. White Oak Farm and Table is dedicated to a healthier lifestyle and is moving forward for non-GMO verification on all of its products.

About White Oak Farm and Table

White Oak Farm and Table is owned and operated in Westport, CT, with an uncompromising approach to food that incorporates truly global flavor. From our famous grilling sauces to our newest additions, we take great pride in providing unique creations that are geared for the gourmet palate ,while never taking ourselves too seriously.


Renee Hooper

ZONE 8 Beverages Awarded Non-GMO Project Verification

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

hibiscus_smZone 8 Beverages announces Non-GMO Project Verification for its Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea, Black Tea and Red Rooibos-Pomegranate Tea. After passing the rigorous, independent verification process by the Non-GMO Project, these products meet the standard for GMO avoidance and now proudly display the Non-GMO Project Verification icon on the front of the packages.

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, and other animals and plants. These experimental combinations of genes cross the natural species barrier and have not been proven safe.

According to the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, GMOs are currently present in more than 75% of conventional processed food. According to the Non-GMO Project, “In more than 60 countries around the world, including all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs.”

“Zone 8 supports people’s right to know what is in their food, which is why we chose for our products to become Non-GMO Project Verified,” said Tim Megenbier, President and Cofounder of Zone 8. “We are excited and extremely proud to have this verification. Our goal at Zone 8 is to provide a refreshment that has ‘no artificial anything,’ and achieving this verification coincides with our clean label policy.”

Additionally, The Zone 8 Black Tea and Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea are USDA certified organic through QAI and now boast the USDA Organic seal. Two other varieties, Red Rooibos-Pomegranate Tea and Honey Lemon Tea are now 70% organic certified and carry the “Made with Organic Ingredients” USDA statement.

“Since we hired Mother Nature, it is only natural that we sought organic certification and support practices that restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony,” said Megenbier. “Both certifications support our authentic commitment to redefine what ‘natural’ means through the products we produce.”

Zone 8 Beverages will be featured at Natural Products Expo East in Booth #1036 and participating in the Harvest Festival sampling event on Wednesday, September 17th in stand #82 during the Expo.


About Zone 8

Zone 8 Beverages was founded in Chicago in 2014 and makes ready-to-drink teas using premium organic super teas, spices and real ingredients that include fruit juice, honey and pure cane sugar.

Made with real, premium ingredients found in nature, the Zone 8 line has four flavor varieties which can be served hot or cold; Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea, Honey Lemon Tea, Red Rooibos Pomegranate Tea and Black Tea, with plans to expand the portfolio even further.

Packaged in 16.9 oz plastic bottles, the teas contain 0-88 calories per serving and have a $1.99 SRP. The company has a clean label policy which is, “No artificial anything.”

Zone 8 is based off the simple premise that all truly ‘natural’ ingredients are grown, not created, have history, cultural relevance and a connection to the people who grow and consume them.  The company Zone 8 plans to redefine what ‘natural’ means through the products they produce.

For more information, go to

Contact: Tracy Nappier

Adcomm Group, Inc.


New Zealand Jerky Non GMO Project Verified Beef Jerky Now on the Market in U.S.

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

NewZealandJerkyNew Zealand Jerky™ is extremely proud to announce that all 3 of their New Zealand Jerky™ products – Beef Jerky in 3 flavors – have received Non GMO Project Verified status. The dedication required to verify the full product line shows NZJ’s high level of commitment to transparency – and the belief everyone has a right to know what’s in the food they purchase.

Along with more 60 countries around the world, New Zealanders take for granted that the food on their shelves is non-GMO. New Zealand law prohibits the growing of GMO crops or animals. NZJ’s goal was to bring the same advantage to US consumers wanting non-GMO beef jerky.

NZJ’s Beef Jerky is produced in New Zealand, in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard and rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance. Made from seriously good New Zealand grass-fed beef and all natural ingredients, then shipped bulk and retail packed in the U.S., in premium grade packaging to retain the original flavor and texture. Consumers will definitely taste the difference in this clean, lean protein!

NZJ™ was able to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification, since cattle in New Zealand are free range & almost exclusively grass or pasture fed, as well as because NZJ’s recipes use only ingredients that would specifically meet the rigorous & stringent standards of the Non-GMO Project Verified process.

NZJ’s New Zealand Jerky™ comes in three flavors: Original, Teriyaki and Peppered. These flavors have been specifically crafted by NZJ™ to present the US consumer with a traditional Jerky, “just like they used to make.” A favorite NZJ saying is, “the new way is going back to the old way.” The Original and Peppered flavors have an appealing smoky aroma and taste, because NZJ infuses real wood smoke during the cooking process!

The achievement of this verification created the impetus for NZJ’s national launch of New Zealand Jerky™ into all retail sectors, including grocery, mass, drug and specialty food stores in the U.S. and Canada. Expect to see, (or ask for) NZJ’s Non-GMO Project Verified products in a store in your neck of the woods commencing November 2014.

About NZJ

NZJ™ are a bunch of dedicated jerky consumers, who saw a gap in the US market for a non-GMO, healthy, minimally processed, beef jerky made from “free range,” grass-fed beef. This group of Kiwis (what we fondly call New Zealanders, not the fuzzy fruit,) are proud to bring their premium New Zealand Jerky ™ Beef Jerky products to the U.S. market.

NZJ’s manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and the U.S. are both in small towns; both are state-of the-art ; and both are USDA and BRC Global Standard accredited. The U.S. facility is the ONLY plant in the U.S. to receive an ‘A’ grade BRC accreditation for the last 5 years.

NZJ’s proud and caring crafts-people combine top quality, premium, non-GMO ingredients, in state- of-the-art manufacturing plants in New Zealand and the U.S.  U.S. consumers now have the option of a ‘Clean Protein’ meat snack. We believe everyone has a right to know what is in their food.

Additional Information:



Steve McKee

+1 956 242 0665

LECICO GmbH One of the First European Companies to Offer Non-GMO Project Verified Lecithins

Monday, September 15th, 2014

LecicoLECICO GmbH is one of the first European lecithin experts to achieve the official Non-GMO Project Verification for several of their lecithin products. The Verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, including ongoing testing of risk ingredients. The Non-GMO Project is North America´s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance.

Products that have received Non-GMO Project Verified Status include: 

Lecithin from conventional grown soya and sunflower seeds

LECICO F 600 IPM Soya Lecithin fluid

LECICO Sun 400 Sunflower Lecithin

And 100 % Organic certified under the National Organic Program (NOP) soya and sunflower lecithin

LECICO F 600 Organic Soya Lecithin

LECICO Sun 400 Organic Sunflower Lecithin

More products are to receive verification in the next few months and can also be found listed on the Non-GMO Project online directory.

LECICO has a wide experience in the field of non-GMO lecithins as the company dealt with the restricted use of GMOs in the European Union for more than 15 years. Because the contaminations between GMO and non-GMO seeds have increased over the years, the analytical methods of detection became even more important for the lecithin experts.

To achieve the Non-GMO Project Verified status, LECICO drew upon their European experience and verified products that are made from conventional soybeans with documented non-GMO origin and are characterized by complete traceability.

There are significant restrictions on the production and sale of GMOs in more than 60 countries around the world, including all of the countries in the European Union. “Consumer interests in food products without any GMOs (Gene Modifications) are growing and people would like to know what is in their food. That is why we have chosen for our products to become Non-GMO Project Verified, “ says Andrea Wolters, LECICO´s managing director.

In the Food Market, LECICO non-GMO lecithins are applied as emulsifiers and health ingredients. Because of its lipid-friendly and hydrophilic properties, non-GMO lecithin can be used in many foods and in many other areas of industry.

Including independent audits and the supervision of the processing, storage and shipping operation for non-GMO lecithins from different vegetable origins, LECICO is meeting the highest possible standard for GMO avoidance.


Located in Hamburg, Germany, LECICO GmbH is the only supplier of lecithins and phospholipids with a 100% focus on this product portfolio. The team of lecithin experts offers 30 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of lecithin and special phospholipids. LECICO is specialized in: Fluid Lecithin, Deoiled Lecithin, Lecithin Compounds, Soya Phospholipids, Milk Phospholipids, Marine Phospholipids, Nutraceuticals, Organic and Non-GMO Lecithins. For more information visit, e-mail, or call +49 40-890 6100.

Mediterranean Brands Announces Their First Non-GMO Project Verification

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

MedBrandsMediterranean Brands is proud to announce that two of their flagship products—Falafel Crisps and Falafel Scoop and Go—have gained Non-GMO Project Verification. With only a handful of other non-GMO Mediterranean products currently on the market, Mediterranean Brands continues to prove themselves as leader in the ever-evolving food industry.

“The Non-GMO Project Verified seal showcases that our team’s dedication to providing consumers with superior food products is stronger than ever,” said Richard Hicks, President and Founder of Mediterranean Brands. “We will continue our commitment to producing All-Natural Mediterranean food with excellent nutritional value, a clean label and unbeatable taste.”

Falafel Crisps and Falafel Scoop and Go are both All-Natural falafel products made from chickpeas, fava beans and a variety of fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. Falafel Scoop and Go is a bulk mix, allowing customers to determine their own portion size and shape, and is often used as a base when customers want to add their own signature ingredients to the mix. Falafel Crisps are the preformed version of the bulk mix, conveniently portioned into one ounce servings. They are used as a center of the plate item, appetizer or side dish and are commonly found in the salad bar, hot bar, grab and go section or behind a deli case at Whole Foods Market.

With GMOs now present in more than 80% of conventional processed food, choosing Non-GMO Project Verified food is the most reliable way to avoid GMOs. Mediterranean Brands believe that people have a right to know what is in their food. Additionally, more than 60 countries around the world, including all of the countries in the European Union, have restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs.

Mediterranean Brands is Chicagoland based food manufacturer that specializes in producing All-Natural falafel, soups, sauces and side dishes. The dedication from the excellent team of R&D Chefs ensures only the highest quality, best tasting food products are made for consumers to enjoy. Now that the first two products are Non-GMO Project Verified, the Mediterranean Brands team is working toward the future and looks forward to having more items from their line receive this prestigious verification.


Media Contact:

Jacqui Di Lorenzo

Mediterranean Brands

950 Milwaukee Ave, Suite 205

Glenview, Illinois 60025







Pitaya Plus announces Non-GMO Project Verification

Friday, September 5th, 2014


Pitaya Plus, the #1 Pitaya/Dragonfruit company in the U.S, is proud to announce it’s entire smoothie pack line has been Non-GMO Project Verified.

Non-GMO Project Verification means that all of their RAW, Organic Pitaya / Dragonfruit smoothie packs have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard and rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance.

“We’re very excited and proud to now be Non-GMO Project Verified,” said Ben Hiddlestone, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Pitaya Plus. “One of our missions here at Pitaya Plus is to promote organic, sustainable, non-GMO and achieving this verification reinforces our commitment to doing just that.”

Pitaya Plus smoothie packs are 100% RAW, Organic and have only 1 ingredient, Pitaya! Never heated, never pasteurized, the fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, pulped and put straight into 100g (3.5oz) packs. They are perfect for making smoothies and Pitaya Bowls at home. A good source of fiber and magnesium, pitaya is the perfect way to start your day, energize before exercising, or refresh after a workout.


Founded in 2010 by Chuck Casano and Ben Hiddlestone, Pitaya Plus started with a simple mission. To promote the amazing health benefits of the Pitaya superfruit as well as, sustainable, organic, non-GMO farming, create jobs in the poverty-stricken areas they source from, and produce the healthiest products possible with minimal processing and no added anything! Their mantra, ‘It’s just fruit, not rocket science!’

Pitaya Plus Smoothies, Bowls and Retail Packs are now being sold in over 500 of the best juice bars, smoothie shops, cafes, restaurants and Wholefoods Markets in America. For more information go to or email Try Pitaya Plus today and see why healthy has a new color.

Dave’s Killer Bread Rocks Non-GMO Project

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Dave's_Killer_BreadEntire Product Line Earns Verification

Organic Trailblazer Backs Oregon Right to Know Initiative

Dave’s Killer Bread just got more awesome. Already one of the cleanest bread labels on shelf – the bakery uses no artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup – the No.1-selling organic bread maker in the U.S. has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification for all its 13 varieties of bold, seed-crusted, whole grain certified organic breads.

Packaging on all products, including its popular 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, Blues Bread® and Good Seed TM, now displays Non-GMO Project Verification prominently on the front of its new, bold packaging.

“Transparency is part of our DNA,” said Dave’s Killer Bread Vice President of Marketing Michelle Hunt. “Consumers can already see the care we take to source high-quality, nutrition-rich ingredients. We power pack our breads with ancient grains, seeds and organic ingredients. Organic and non-GMO have always been our way of making bread, before there were certifications or consumer demand. Our clean label confirms it, and we’re proud to have all our breads verified.”

“We’re excited to be working with such dedicated brands as Dave’s Killer Bread,” said Megan Westgate, Director of the Non-GMO Project. “The work required to verify an entire product line shows a high level of commitment to transparency and to changing the overall supply chain.”

DKB is also an active supporter of Yes on 92, a nonpartisan grassroots campaign in its backyard that successfully gathered enough petition signatures to put GMO labeling on the November ballot. DKB is sponsoring natural food education stations at select Oregon retailers and participating in an education and awareness campaign with like-minded brands including Dr. Bonner’s Natural Soaps, Nature’s Path and Nancy’s Yogurt.

Not only organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, Dave’s Killer Bread delivers killer taste and texture. Powerful in nutrition and protein, the breads are loaded with Omega-3s, fiber, seeds and organic ingredients such as amaranth, barley, spelt, blue cornmeal and pumpkin seeds. An average slice has four to five grams of protein, as much as an egg. DKB’s Thin-Sliced varieties have all the nutrition of their regular deli slices, with only 60 or 70 calories.

About Yes on 92

Yes on 92 is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization working to label genetically engineered foods and win Oregonians the right to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families. Learn more about how you can help support Measure 92 at

About Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread is the best-selling organic sliced bread in the U.S.*, with 13 varieties and distribution in nearly 25 states and Canada. DKB is committed to creating an environment built from second chances and turning them into lasting change – powering the good in its employees, industry and communities since 2005. One third of its employees have a criminal background, and Dave’s Killer Bread is providing the tools and resources to enhance life after incarceration. The employee partners at Dave’s Killer Bread put their hearts into everything they do, from selling bread from the company’s original booth at the Portland Farmers Market, to making the best bread in the universe.

For more information, images and resources, please visit


*Source: IRI, ending July 13, 2014


Media Contact: Chelsea Bartel, Maxwell PR (503) 231-3086 /

The Pure Wraps Coconut Wraps are Non-GMO Project Verified

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

PureWrapsThe Pure Wraps provides peace of mind for customers with Non-GMO Project Verification and matches that commitment with its packaging

Improveat is the creator of The Pure Wraps coconut wraps, which proudly announces their Non-GMO Project Verified status. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, and Improveat wants to send the message to retailers and customers that obtaining verification for GMO avoidance is a commitment to the highest level of quality for The Pure Wraps.

“Transparency is at the heart of what we do,” said Owner and President of Improveat, Todd Fitts. “As consumers become more aware about what is in their food and packaging, the Non-GMO Project Verification signals our company’s dedication to providing safe ingredients when crafting The Pure Wraps coconut wraps.”

The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance.

The Pure Wraps come in two versions:  Original and Curry. The Original version has two simple ingredients of Coconut and the key ingredient of Himalayan salt, which gives The Pure Wraps its great taste, strength, shelf-life and texture. The Curry version includes the above plus Certified Organic Curry powder for savory wraps. Both versions provide consumers an enjoyable and safe pleasant taste that does not over-power the food inside the wrap.

Taking it to the Nth degree

Not only are The Pure Wraps coconut wraps crafted with non-GMO ingredients, The Pure Wraps coconut wraps are packaged in non-GMO compostable cellulose packaging, which has a great moisture and oxygen barrier compared to plastic. The cellulose contains no bisphenol (BPA, BPS and other derivatives) and no phthalates. Additionally, non-GMO parchment paper separates the middle of the (4) wraps per package and is compostable, unbleached, chromium free and chlorine free. A great oxygen and moisture barrier is very important for the safety of packaging raw food, such as The Pure Wraps coconut wraps, along with extending shelf life.

“Our goal is to provide a complete non-GMO experience,” stated Todd Fitts. “It’s not just enough to make sure the food is safe. If the packaging is leeching toxins such as bisphenol, phthalates, bleach or chlorine into the food, then all the good work gone into the crafting of The Pure Wraps coconut wraps goes to waste. We have conducted research from the beginning to make sure our packaging is just as safe and high quality as the food inside.”

The Pure Wraps coconut wraps are available at local and online retailers across the United States, Canada and internationally. Additionally, The Pure Wraps may be purchased directly online at

Improveat is a provider of pure, unadulterated food that acts on the belief What You Eat Matters! We have merged the wisdom, science and pleasure of real food with continuous positive intent. The Pure Wraps are the signature offering of Improveat. The Pure Wraps come in two versions: Original and Curry. To get more information about The Pure Wraps visit You can follow The Pure Wraps on Twitter @PureWraps or on Facebook

Contact: Todd A. Fitts


Orchard Valley Harvest Earns Non-GMO Project Verification on All Products

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

13-FS-0133-LGO1-V1R1-black-taglineOrchard Valley Harvest has announced that all of their products are now Non-GMO Project Verified – ensuring healthier snacking and baking options for consumers.

In addition to providing consumers with quality products containing no artificial ingredients, Orchard Valley Harvest is taking steps to provide transparent information on the ingredients used in its products. The company is updating its packaging to include the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, as well as its commitment to no artificial ingredients.

“We have always been committed to providing consumers with good tasting closer to the earth products,” said Howard Brandeisky, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Customer Solutions at John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., the manufacturer and distributor of Orchard Valley Harvest products. “The new Non-GMO Project verification allows us to provide information to help consumers make informed decisions when shopping for snacking and baking products.”

A brand dedicated to offering products with great quality and taste, Orchard Valley Harvest starts with ingredients that are pure and simple. The nuts used are picked at their peak, minimally processed and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Orchard Valley Harvest products can be found in the produce section of retail stores among fruits, vegetables and other products that help promote a healthier lifestyle. For additional information, visit

About John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. 

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., (NASDAQ: JBSS), founded in 1922, is a leading processor, marketer and distributor of baking nuts, snack nuts and nut-based products that are sold in multiple distribution channels. Our products can be found under the Fisher Nuts, Orchard Valley Harvest and Sunshine Country brand names and a variety of private brands.


Media Contact

Riva Budowsky Blue Chip Marketing


Non-GMO Project Expands Verification Capacity

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Public Demand for Non-GMO Choices Drives Growth in Program AdministrationNon-GMO Project Verified

With more than 20,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products representing well over $7 Billion in annual sales, demand for the iconic butterfly label continues to surpass projections. In response, the Non-GMO Project has trained additional certification bodies to serve as Technical Administrators for its Product Verification Program.

The role of Technical Administrators is to oversee the verification process and to issue evaluation decisions based on a product’s compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. This is comparable to the role organic certifiers play in overseeing the National Organic Program.

“We currently have more than 2,200 participating brands, and are receiving an average of 70-80 new verification inquiries every week,” says Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project. “By offering multiple technical service providers for verification, we’re ensuring that every company seeking Non-GMO Project Verification has options and gets the support they need.”

The Non-GMO Project’s original Technical Administrator was FoodChain ID. FoodChain is part of the Global ID Group, an international company with unsurpassed expertise gained from over 20 years of offering non-GMO verification and testing services. In addition to FoodChain, the Project is steadily onboarding new certifiers to administrate its program.

The first new certification body to complete the training process was NSF International, a global public health organization with 70 years of food certification and auditing expertise and a network of hundreds of expert auditors worldwide. Companies can now choose to work with either FoodChain or NSF in order to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification.

In addition, Where Food Comes From is currently in a pilot program for livestock product verification, and the company is on track to be fully operational by later this year. Where Food Comes From houses the expertise of both International Certification Services (ICS) and IMI Global, a leading verifier for the livestock industry.

The newest certifier to join the verification program is SCS Global Services (SCS), a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development. SCS recently began technical training under the supervision of the Non-GMO Project and is expected to start working with companies in a pilot program this fall.

“We’re proud to be working with the world’s leading certification bodies,” says Westgate. “Our goal is to maintain market unity, ensuring that the term ‘Non-GMO’ remains synonymous with our rigorous standard. We are committed to offering partnership opportunities to all credible certifiers, and we are pleased to be expanding program capacity for food companies wanting to verify their products.”

New and existing participating companies can indicate their preferred Technical Administrator by completing a Verification Inquiry Form on the Non-GMO Project website.


About the Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. Click to learn more.

Contact: Caroline Kinsman
Phone:  877.358.9240, x112